INITIATOR: Jochem Walboomers – White Clouds and Blue Sky

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Jochem Walboomers is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who’s also member of Boomslang. From an artistic perspective he creates hybrid audiovisual installations and live performances. He tries to bring semiotics from the new media age and the imperfection of analog and/or digital signals together which results in a satisfying or yet disturbing outcome.

WHITE CLOUDS AND BLUE SKY – 14 may 2018, Jerusalem celebrates, Tel Aviv parties and Gaza bleeds — a surreal 24 hours in which wide range of emotions are triggered. While the Israeli army utilizes high-end technology to expel their enemy, Palestinians throw rocks, burn car tires and use incendiary kites. As humans we see this division and question these events. But how does computer vision interpret this? This video installation observes one day, 14 may 2018 in Israel and Palestine. This particular algorithm has a frame of reference that consists of a dataset of around 100.000 images. With this in mind I want to address how artificial “intelligence” is still utterly incapable of reading emotional context, and as object recognition software becomes more integrated into our societies infrastructure, this will be a source of concern.

COMING SOON AT TESTSITE MEENT – Is there life beyond my dreams Is a sculpture/ installation/ collage made by Jochem Walboomers and Jeroen Rijnart under the moniker Boomslang. It was on display at s/ash ga\ery in Rotterdam from December 19th till December 21st 2017 during the ‘Digital Craft: How To Be Human’ group exhibition and during TEC ART 2018.

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