INITIATOR: Sanne Schilder – Making Meaning of the Sun

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MAKING MEANING OF THE SUN – Not only humans perceive the world; in the digital era, machines ‘see’ the world. By producing and interpreting images, Artificial Intelligence is able to orientate itself. Just like mankind, that created the image to guide themselves and expand the human perception onto the far reaches of the universe. ‘Making Meaning of the Sun’ aims to introduce a recent field of imaging algorithms – Computer Vision – dedicated to the analyzes and identification of images. The proces of the automation of ‘perception’ reveals images purposed solely for machine-to-machine and which are not optimized to been see by mankind. An ever-expanding landscape of visual material that is strange to us.

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The realized work reveals images produced by machine image algorithms – convolutional neural network (CNN or ConvNet). The input for the serie was the first remaining photo of the sun from Léon Foucault en Hippolyte Fizeau (1845). Inside the CNN cryptic images appear in different layers and numbers. The outcome of the working process of the algorithms delivered obscure identifications ranging from “chambered nautilus” to “ping-pong ball”. The reason for this is that the network was not familiar with the sun.

SEEING MACHINES – Revealing the images produced by machine vision. Capturing that what remains invisible to the human eye and research our (in) ability to master the language of technology makes the research into ‘New vision’ all the more urgent, especially now that technology is increasingly becoming part of our reality.

Dutch artist Sanne Schilder is triggered by the ever-expanding landscape of the visual image. Technology became a mediator between the digital landscapes. The constantly expanding framework drives her in trying to understand the world around us, to think critical in a world controlled by devices and encourage new perceptions.

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