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We created a generative system bending the plotter noise into a vga signal. This experiment investigates the critical note that can be put alongside our daily consumption of our devices. Machines are central and interact with each other, regardless of function, they engage in a live performance.

Generative systems – for visual output are technologies with the capacity to produce unprompted change driven by the parameters set within the system. Generative systems can be based on software/code, or analogue (electrical/mechanical). The artist defines the parameters set within the system, and the system produces visual output, in some ways this can be seen (especially when computer learning is involved) as a collaborative effort between man and machine.

“RGB.VGA.VOLT is an audio/video synthesizer that enables realtime exploration of the rich materiality concealed beneath the consumer interfaces of cathode ray tube computer monitors. By hacking and improperly rewiring the cables of these obsolete devices to short their video signals, their black-boxed analog infrastructure is liberated and driven by digitally synthesized high-frequency complex waveforms, audio playback, and feedback loops that fully exploit their latent visual spectrum. Inspired by early video tools such as the Sandin Image Processor and the Paik-Abe Synthesizer as well as contemporary programming and error-based approaches to sound and moving image, RGB.VGA.VOLT revives an analog aesthetic that has acquired a renewed power and potency in the present era of digital immateriality.”


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