Lara Bruggeman – Phygital Gravity

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Exhibited at Crossover Interfacing

The installation ‘Phygital Gravity’ a visual investigation into gravity in a digital environment. It not only visualizes gravity but also stimulates the imagination of what digital gravity can be. Due to constant technological developments, the physical and digital world are merging into one. Therefore, it is important that the possibilities of the impact of this fusion are investigated. As a graphic designer, I am curious about the physical possibilities of digital objects and the digital possibilities of physical objects caused by this fusion.

The sculptures were created by capturing the movement of a falling apple with 3D-scan software, inspired by the work of Étienne Jules Marey. The sculptures exist on the border of the physical and digital. What makes them phygital. The sculptures allow the interpretation of the 3D-software to exist outside the screen.

This results in a different experience of gravity by materializing the invisible, which tickles different senses.

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