Vera Castelijns – A screen of Textile

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Exhibited at Crossover Interfacing

A screen made using the lost craft of weaving. Counting, coding, threading and dyeing. Threading a weaving loom to create a pixel-screen for an ephemeral image, composing words at a time.

“With the advent of modern technology, crafts are lost. Weaving is such a craft and it has been discarded for a long time. The history of weaving is impressive. Not only was it part of our culture, but it was also deeply social in its execution: we wove together. Now, I want to exploit its properties and show that weaving has been unreasonably discarded. I want to examine what its possibilities really are. Can I make a screen of textile? In some sense, the quilt can be seen as a screen avant la lettre: a sheet carrying information through imagery. A woven fabric, however, is not considered in the same way as a screen, it is not something where we like to read information from. Can we show and hide at the same time in a piece of fabric?”

Website Artist

This video is only a demonstration of the heat response.
imaged provided by artist

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