WINDOW EXHIBITION – Crossover Interfacing

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The physical and digital realm exist separately, but are also intertwined. They mostly interact through screen interfaces. In the physical world we can change and mold the digital realm through screen interfacing, the machine world gives us visual feedback through these screens. This exhibition revolves around these portals to another world and shows perspectives from both sides while also questioning the forms these screens can take.

PARTICIPANTS Lara Bruggeman, Vera Castelijns, Annemiek Höcker, Larissa Monteiro, Sanne Schilder, Helmut Smits

Helmut Smits – Screen Time
Larissa Monteiro – Platonos na Penumbra
Lara Bruggeman – Phygital Gravity
Annemiek Höcker – ‘Your Smartphone Is Running On The Tears And Breast Milk Of A Volcano’
Vera Castelijns – A screen of Textile

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