Helmut Smits – Screen Time

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exhibited in window exhibition Crossover Interfacing

Screen Time is a community clock connecting strangers through their mobile backgrounds. Participants are invited to take part by making a screenshot of their mobile device lock screen and submitting it to the allocated time slot. The submitted images are then compiled and presented, each being displayed for the single minute at which they were taken. The outcome is a clock that each minute reveals a glimpse into someone else’s life.

To take part please follow these steps:

  2. Go to ‘all hours’ to see which time slots are still available.
  3. Take a screenshot of your mobile device lock screen displaying an available time.
  4. Upload this screenshot to the allocated time slot of the minute it was taken.

Thank you for your time!

Screen Time is made possible and supported by V2_lab for unstable media, The Mondriaan Fund and CBK Rotterdam.

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