Testsite Meent was a temporary, free-form exhibition space housed in an old Albert Heijn supermarket which was located on Meent 80 in Rotterdam. Here it was active from the 20th of September 2019, until the 6th of January 2020.


Testsite Meent was founded on the principles of collaboration and experimentation, and it focused itself mainly on housing and exhibiting works of art involving (new) technology and media, as well as seeking collaborations and interconnecting creatives with similar interests, as is explained in our manifesto, created in our beginning:

“We want to connect the passer-by with non-conventional artworks using technology and media. Testsite Meent – a temporary place in the middle of the Centrum of Rotterdam, offers the passerby a 24/7 window-exhibition. We called it Testsite; where you can make, test, discuss and exhibit your projects.

Experiments will be conducted in the shopping windows, for example motion sensors and performative machines that introduce interaction to passers-by. Within the Testsite there is a flexible workspace for experimenting and a collective approach for organizing events such as exhibitions and lectures. By making facilities available, we want to encourage a breeding ground for ourselves, other makers, and creative networks.

The presence of organizations such as TestSite Meent provides an incentive for young artists like us to contribute, do research, and shape the artistic climate. Our investment is larger than the temporary location of the Meent, TestSite Meent will launch a platform that continues to develop organically. We will use the Meent as a test case to strengthen our organic organization and demonstrate that we can grow even further.”